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Sam Behseta



  • Higher Ed: Mathematics, Researcher 


Dr. Behseta is a statistician with research interests in Bayesian statistics, statistics in neuroscience, Bayesian functional data analysis, probabilistic watermarking, and biostatistics. 


Bayesian Statistics 


Kottas T., Behseta S., Moorman D.E., Poynor V., and Olson, C.R. (2012), Bayesian Nonparametric Analysis of Neuronal Intensity Rates, Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 203, pp. 241-253

Behseta, S., Chenouri, S. (2011), Comparison of Two Population of Curves with an Application in Neuronal Data Analysis, Statistics in Medicine, 30 1441-1454.

McMillen T., Simen P., and Behseta S. (2011), Hebbian learning in linear-nonlinear networks with tuning curves leads to near-optimal, multi-alternative decision making Neural Networks, Neural Networks, 24, issue 5, 417-426.

Kottas, A., and Behseta, S. (2010), Bayesian Nonparametric Modeling for Comparison of Single-Neuron Firing Intensities, Biometrics, 66, 277-286.

McMillen T, Behseta S. (2010), On the effects of signal acuity in a multi-alternative model of decision making, Neural Computation, 22, No. 2, Pages 539-580.

Simen P., McMillen T., and Behseta S. (2010), Hebbian learning for deciding optimally among many alternatives (almost), Proceedings of the 2010 meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, 1816-1821.